The DRT Difference

 We often get asked what makes our company and products different from our competitors.  We know there are several other options out there for you, but let us explain what makes DRT the company for you:


  • Law Enforcement owned and operated 

We know what you demand out of our products, and we designed them to meet those standards.  We defend the Thin Blue Line each and everyday with you and designed a product line that caters towards you and those who support us.

  • All Natural Ingredients

All of our products are made using high-quality and all natural ingredients.  No harmful chemicals or unknown substances.  We aim to provide an effective, yet safe product for you and your equipment.

  • Customer Service is our #1 Priority

We believe customer service is the backbone of any company.  With that said, this is our top priority without a doubt.  What it means for you is extremely fast shipping, continued support after purchase, and the desire to keep our customers satisfied with our product.  You deal with the worst of humanity on a daily basis...we aim to be the best on your worst days.

  • Law Enforcement and Veteran Support

As fellow police officers and friends of many military veterans, we believe in the support of those who have served our great nation.  We team with several law enforcement and veteran support programs to make donations whenever we can to continue our support for those who put it all on the line and/or have made the ultimate sacrifice.